Games are great for motivation and developing high self esteem. Our aim is to create competions for disabled people across Australia.

‘The perfect book to stimulate and challenge your brainpower’ 
Tony Buzan, Inventor of Mind Mapping 

‘This book will keep you engaged and thinking for hours. It also provides a succinct overview of IQ, Multiple Intelligences, and Mind Mapping’ 
Toni Krasnic, author of How to Study with Mind Maps

‘There are different kinds of intelligence and giftedness is a many-dimensional quality. This book is a very useful source of information on this critical topic’
kishore asthana, president, mensa india delhi, mensa proctor & president, underprivileged gifted child program, project dhruv

‘A real brain challenger catering to all types of intelligences’
Sapna Dimri, The Shriram School – Aravali, Gurgaon

Brain training improves memory and performance of everyday tasks amongst Seniors. 

Our mission is to enable the full balanced functioning of both sides of a child's brain by nurturing their often
neglected "right brain". This results in greater whole brain intelligence, creativity, harmony and well being; than most educational programs alone can produce.

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Brain Games enhance IQ by up to 32% - Dr. Silvia Bunge, UC Berkeley  

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The brain controls our everyday activities. We believe that games are a great tool for learning, as they provide an opportunity to fail multiple times before you succeed. This allows the brain to learn the way it wants to. What's  more - Age is no barrier for Brain Games. 

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Brain games enhance IQ upto 32%