Mind Map is considered one of the best study methods in the world as it promotes whole brain thinking. The use of keywords and  along with branches leads to a clear cut hierarchy of information, hence a high level of learning and retention. 

Average reading speeds are 150-200 words per minute. Good speed means you can read more in less time. In this module learn to read 2 to 3 times faster. Faster reading speeds reduce revision times.

Maths could be lot of fun through the pictures ,tips and tricks and the best is ability to do mental calculations. This workshop is aimed at getting over the fear of maths and also building logical abilities using games and other tools. We also use 3D printed games as essential tools of learning. 

Learn amazing methods of remembering information through images, rhymes, storytelling and other special tricks. Very useful for exams and learning larger information while having fun.

Visual & Speed Maths

Game design using 3D printing

Spatial Intelligence

Design and 3D printing are changing the world like never before. Your imagination can now be converted into a real product in no time. This workshops helps your learn concepts of puzzle design using 3D printing softwares and finally convert them into a real game or puzzle.

Programming your Robots

Rack The Brain

Brain Enrichment Programs

Spatial Intelligence is an important function in our everyday life. We use the Rubik's cube as a tool to develop Spatial Skills, Analytical approach, Reasoning abilities and Mathematical skills among kids.

Speed Reading

Mind Mapping

Blindfold training

Memory Methods

Robots are used everywhere and are increasingly becoming an essential part of our life. In this workshop we shall explore how robots can be programmed and put to use that we can only imagine as of now.

Learn to solve 2x2 cube blindfolded. Develops
memory and sensory perceptions. We also teach how to make patterns and shapes using various tools with closed eyes. Unbelievable but true.